Organic Bikinis: Who Makes Them?

It is still a niche and only a start, but organic bikinis can now be found on the market. Some suggestions on this page, below the picture of the happy bikini girl playing with the wave!


Visit for instance San Lorenzo stores, in Hawaii, launched by Jhonatan Figueroa and Megan Spurlock, which "sells bikinis made from 5 percent spandex and 95 percent organic, pesticide-free cotton. The raw materials come from Brazil, and the bikinis are hand-painted and embroidered by Figueroa’s mother in Lima, Peru," as reported recently by Hawaii Business. Visit their beautiful (and musical!) website, San Natura Organics, you will be tempted! A top resource for organic bikinis! And yes, there is an online store if you do not have an opportunity to fly to Hawaii very soon!

Organic bikinis are trendy: in its Spring 2008 colelction, Kelly B Couture introduced an organic cotton bikini - as well as a gorgeous, one-piece swimsuit, for those of our readers who want to go organic, but not with a bikini! Kelly B Couture does not sell online, but a list of retailers can be found on its website.

Look also at Etsy's attractive Red Luna Bamboo Bikini, made of bamboo and organic cotton with 2% spandex (most ecofriendly bikinis contain between 2% and 5% spandex).

Some interesting products to be found at Niksters, San Diego-based, which advertises "the sexier side of green!" Check for their ecobikinis, different types, using bamboo, soy and organic cotton, with a small addition of spandex for elasticity.

A very nice product sold by the British-based shop ByNature: Machja Bikini, an organic otton bikini swimsuit by Machja in rich chocolate brown colour, "with 2% lycra for added stretch and shape. Double layered to avoid transparency." Made in India, fair trade certified. And a very elegant look, classical—a bikini you might even want to wear year after year!

There are some which are 100% organic: for instance, Modify sells a cream eco swim wear, which is 60% cotton, 40% bamboo.

Just some of the resources: look around, there will be more and more!

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